“Sometimes in life, a very small thing which seems to affect it the least plays the role of biggest change that can ever happen to us.”

person holding ball glass


By the reference of “THE CAMOUFLAGED BLOKE”, I would like to share some life experiences and some cool technology innovations. It’s all about how small elements fuse together to mold the big changes we are part of in our lives, the changes which completely transform us to be the kind of person we are today.

I have always been inquisitive in fields of science and technology, I love to relate the scientific phenomenon and mathematical equations with the existing nature. I am a really strong believer of mathematics and feel like the entire universe is modeled within mathematical equations, some of them have been discovered and many universal phenomena are governed based on those equations, whereas a lot is yet to be discovered.


New friends! sounds amazing to me… 😀

Want to do some out of the box discussion? Want to do some epic tech shit or cool project which you have been dreaming from your sixth grade? Want my help in any such thing? Or want to make new friends and stay in touch? You are just one click away from all this! See you, my friend. Have a nice day.